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Perfect Square is a Perfect Book to Introduce Geometry

 Recently I bought the book perfect square by Michael Hall.  It is the story of a square who was perfectly happy, but throughout the week things start happening to him - he is shattered, crumpled, torn, etc., but each time the square turns lemons into lemonade and transforms himself into something wonderful.  I loved this book.  I bought it because we are teaching a unit on geometry this year, but when I read it, I realized there was so much to this very simple story.  It's a story about overcoming obstacles,  turning bad situations around, persistence and so much more!  I loved all the art and things the square turned himself into so much that I made my own versions which then led to creating a unit integrating art, math and literature using this one simple book. 


The images on the front of the unit are the pictures I created from the book.
This unit contains:
  • How many shapes can you find? activity page
  • Vocabulary cards for word sorts
  • Comprehension question cards
  • Cause and effect graphic organizer
  • Sequencing cards
  • Templates to make the squares for each day of the week
  • Template for creating your own square
Click on the book to download a FREE copy!  I hope you enjoy using this unit with your students.   Also look below for a YouTube video which is great to use with this unit!

Always remember to Keep 'Em Thinking!  -

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