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A Baby And A Wedding!

A proud grandmother
A baby and a wedding...sounds like the title to a movie doesn't it?  But it's not.  The last two weeks have been a whirlwind at our house.  On October 17th, my daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Mills.  This was her second boy and I was thrilled to be there to share in the big event.  I love being a grandmother and I must admit I can think of nothing more sweet than a little baby.  Big brother Hutton, who is two and a half,  and I had a great time as well playing with toy cars and watching Mickey's Clubhouse. Baby is doing great and is eating and sleeping well.  What more could you ask?   I stayed with them for 6 days and then my husband picked me up and we were on our way to Nashville, TN for our eldest son's wedding.

Big brother and baby

I didn't have to do much preparation for the baby, except be there, but I have been busy for the past year helping with the wedding.  Since I can do calligraphy, I addressed both the wedding and the rehearsal dinner invitations.  I love making things on the computer, so it was especially fun to make the table signs and the placecards for the wedding.  Being an October wedding, we went with white pumpkins and mercury glass candlesticks.  I also bought miniature champagne bottles and made a label and tied them with a ribbon as a giveaway for the rehearsal dinner.  Finally, I made the weekend wedding booklets we put in goodie bags at the hotel for all the wedding party members and out of town guests.  I took a little picture to show the things I made.

champagnes, table signs and weekend booklet for the wedding

The wedding was beautiful and everyone had a great time.  It was a mid-morning wedding at a venue called Legacy Farms outside of Nashville and the weather could not have been more perfect!  My grandaughter Cadence was the flower girl and all the family was there except my daughter with the newborn of course.  So many friends were able to come from Montgomery for the weekend, which meant so much to us!  Of course what would a southern mid-morning wedding be without mimosas, bloody Mary's, eggs benedict, and shrimp and grits?  The food was great, the cakes were beautiful, and everyone had a great time.

The couple went to Scrub Island in the British West Indies for the honeymoon and my husband Roger and I came home and crashed!  It was a busy and hectic two weeks, but I wouldn't have missed a minute of any of it for the world!  We love our two newest additions to the family and look forward to spending Christmas with them.

Now, I am back to work and trying to finish up on some new products which I hope to have posted soon.  That's all for now!  Remember to always... "Keep 'em Thinking! 

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness, Susan! After "meeting" you yesterday, I had to visit your blog to get to know you better. We are SO kindred spirits! I, too, do calligraphy and have done so for my children's weddings. Alas, I fear it is a lost art with computers taking over that chore.

    Being a grandma is the best job in the world!! I have 4 grandchildren ranging from 8 mos. to 8 years. All will be at grandma's house for the holidays. So excited! Congratulations on your newest grand.

    I also checked out your TPT store. Your products are amazing! You should charge more.